ECE15: Instructions for Homeworks/Labs Submission, Winter 2015

Looking up your ACS account:

  1. Go to and click on the "Account Lookup" button (lower left side of page).
  2. Enter either your e-mail username and student ID, or your last name and student ID.
  3. Find the account with 'ee15w__' in the name. Your user name, or login, for the course will be this value. For example, one of the user names is ee15wdz. Your password will be the same as the one you use for e-mail. In what follows, 'ee15w__' will be used to indicate your username.
  4. On this same page, you can find the combination for the computer lab assigned for this class (EBUI 4307). In the table with course ID, click where it says "click" under the "Code" column. Do NOT give this combination to anyone else, including other students in the class. They can look up the code the same way you did.

How to login to your ACS account:

If you are using an ACS computer (for example, in EBUI 4307), simply type your class username and password as prompted.
On Windows: Look on the desktop for a folder called "Class Resources." Open this, then open the folder labeled "ee15w home directory on ieng6." You are now in your home directory. This is where you should save your work in order to make it easier to turn it in.

On Linux: Look on the desktop for a folder called "ee15w__'s Home." This is your home directory, where you should save your work in order to make it easier to turn it in.

If you are using your own computer, you will need to first ssh into Linux and Mac OS will have the command available from a terminal window. Type "ssh" then enter your password when prompted. On Windows, you can use any ssh client. One recommendation is PuTTY, which can be found here: When you run PuTTY, the Host Name field will be Type your username and password when prompted. This process should take you to your home directory by default. If you change directories, typing 'cd ~' (without the quotation marks) will take you back to your home directory.

Putting your files in your ACS home directory:

First, make sure your files are in your home directory for your class account on ieng6. If you did your homework on an ACS computer (or used ssh to login and work in a linux environment), your files are probably already there. If you developed on your personal computer, you will need to transfer the files to your home directory on ieng6. On Linux and Mac, you can use scp (secure copy).

scp filename
scp -r folder

The first command will copy a single file to your home directory. The second command will copy an entire folder (the -r means to recursively copy). Note that the colon and period at the end of the scp statement lines are part of the command.

On Windows, you will need to find an scp program. You can try WinSCP, found here: Again, the host is; use your username and password. You will automatically be connected to your home directory. Copy the files you need, using the drag-and-drop Windows techniques.

Actually turning in the homework/lab:

For each lab, there will be a specific command to turn in each problem. It will look something like 'bundleLab#P#'. This command will be specified precisely in separate instructions posted on this website. After your assignment is in your class account (it can be in different directories within the class account), go to the directory in which the lab you are turning in resides. Type the command to turn it in (bundleLab#P#). This command will look for files with the required names and turn them in. After you type this command, you should see:
"Do you want to go ahead and turn in these files? By choosing to turn them in, you are certifying that you did not receive help from any person other than the instructor and/or the TAs in creating these files [y/n]"
If you indeed can certify that you did not receive help from any person other than the instructor and/or the TAs in creating these files, type 'y' then press Enter. You will receive some feedback about whether the files were turned in successfully; read the messages and contact a TA if there is a problem you cannot fix. If you change your homework/lab and wish to resubmit it before the deadline, simply run the command again (this will overwrite your previous submission). After the deadline, the command will fail, and you will not be able to turn in anything else.

What to do if you have problems:

If you encounter difficulties with any part of the above instructions, please talk to a TA during office hours. If you are working on your own computer and it is a laptop, bring it with you. If you cannot bring your computer with you, make sure you bring your source files (any .c and .h files) on a USB drive, or CD, or e-mail the files to yourself so you will have access to them while you are in the computer lab.

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