ECE15: Lectures, Winter 2015

Lecture Unit 1: Introduction
Presented in class on January 6, January 8, and January 13, 2015.
See also hello.c and sum10.c.

Lecture Unit 2: First Steps in C
Presented in class on January 13, January 15, and January 20, 2015.
See also sum_advanced.c, sum_check.c, and ascii_table.c.

Lecture Unit 3: Expressions and Operators
Presented in class on January 20, January 22, and January 27, 2015.
See also temperature1.c, temperature2.c, and sizeof_types.c.

Lecture Unit 4: Flow of Control
Presented in class on January 27, January 29, and February 3, 2015.
See also test_switch.c, odd_even.c, is_prime.c, and is_prime_improved.c,

Lecture Unit 5: Arrays
Presented in class on February 3 and February 5, 2015.
See also salaries.c, median.c, sieve.c, and compare_sieve_brute.c.

Lecture Unit 6: Two Fundamental Algorithms
Presented in class on February 10, 2015.
See also gcd.c and nr.c.

Lecture Unit 7: Functions
Presented in class on February 12, February 19, and February 24, 2015.
See also messages.c, gcd3.c, gcd3-short.c, archimedes_pi.c, numbers.c, static.c, global.c, and triangles.c.

Lecture Unit 8: Pointers
Presented in class on February 26 and March 5, 2015.
See also reduce.c, add.c, try_null.c, pointer.c, pointer_arithmetic.c, strange.c, sizeofmemory.c, and salaries.c.

Lecture Unit 9: Two-Dimensional Arrays, Strings, Dynamic Allocation
See also 2D-referencing.c, transpose1.c, transpose2.c, transpose3.c, blur.c, memory_leak.c, salaries_alloc.c, string_def.c, string_length.c, string_io.c, string_bad.c, and string_fun.c.

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