Welcome to ECE15, Winter 2015

This course is an introduction to computer programming, using the 
C programming language. The course will teach you how to communicate
with computers --- tell a computer exactly what you want it to do!
The C programming language was originally developed in 1972 by Dennis
Ritchie at Bell Laboratories, for use in the Unix operating system 
(in fact, Unix and many other operating systems are written in C).

Today, C is widely used on great many different software platforms and 
computer architectures. It has influenced numerous other programming 
languages, most notably C++ and Java, which originally began as various
extensions of C. Thus learning C is a necessary step in mastering these 
languages as well. Once you learn how to program, in general, and become 
proficient with the C language in particular, you will have acquired an 
invaluable tool that will serve you throughout your engineering career.

You are welcome to browse through this web site. There is a lot of useful 
material on-line. In particular, all homeworks, homework solutions, and 
the midterm exam will be posted here, as will be important announcements.

Good luck and have fun in ECE15! --Your ECE15 instructors

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